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The way we create interior design

A large writing desk and a very comfortable chair was what K saw when she stood two meters in front of the open door and just glimpsed in. Nothing else. Curiosity invited her in. The room was empty for real but for the table and the chair.

Middle aged woman smoothly walked into the room with a cup of tea for K. “You wonder why there is no more than the desk and the table, right?”she asked, passing K the cup.  K nodded with a light smile.

“I am a writer. I sit and write here a whole day. That’s why I need the chair and the desk. And just that. When I moved in, the house was empty and the garden was overgrown. I liked the first impression of the place a lot and I would like to keep the simplicity of it by getting only things that I need for my everyday life. I got this table and this chair and that is how this room became a writing room.”

“There is a lot of free space in this room. Doesn’t it make you feel empty?” K asked.

“Emptiness is what I appreciate because I am best at filling it. I fill it with stories, with articles, with people. If I fill it with stuff there will be no space for all my creative expressions.” 

Simplicity, just as illustrated in this short story, is what builds the design that work best in long term. Based on activities that are being carried out in that space, the objects are added. As the bed makes the room into bedroom and the bath creates the bathroom (quite frankly the “showerroom” has not emerged in our home-describing terms yet, even though the shower is the more economical and environmental-friendly approach to keeping us clean).

I was wondering for some time now what is the aim of living rooms shown often in interior design magazines where there are two sofas and a big coffee table between them and a lot of shelfs/cupboards etc when the usual owner is a single professional who spends most of his time at his work and weekends in nature. Whose needs are these rooms meeting? Am I missing something here when I can think only of purpose of nice interior design magazines? (Sorry if you are an editor for interior design magazine.)

My own place is not minimalistic in a sense I would not keep any furniture but in a way that I keep only furniture that has a function for me. Beauty is a function, too. In my perception of the world the beauty got the second priority seat right after the function of usefulness. Small details and decoration come and go but the primary functional furniture keeps its presence for years.