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BARBRO LOMAKKA – What a rug can be?

Handmade Swedish rugs, soundabsorbing panels and fashion pieces. The PATTERN is not only giving soft feeling final touch but especially brings wow effect into life. If you like what you see, read more about it here.



Last Friday I went for first time on my bicycle to the Stockholm. It was such a great trip but when I was biking to the town I hadn´t known what I was going to find there! There was such a beautiful shop on Frejgatan street (no. 16). I had to stop and go inside. I discovered that it´s a showroom of ABC Collection and sells fabrics and furniture. It was such a pleasure to talk with the lovely owner of the company Eva Abrahamsson, who is absolutely enthusiastic about fabrics, and to see all those textiles they produce and sell as the wholesaler. Their beautiful fabrics and furniture are used in hotels, restaurants, cafes, lawyer offices and many more. It´s possible to buy samples of fabrics when the new ones are launched time to time.


Bleu Nature is fabulous french company producing products to upgrade your home. You can find them e.g. in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Portugal,  Netherlands, Israel, and of course U.S.A . I especially liked their lamps, chairs and circle bed. There is something very attractive about their products that I am not able to describe. Everything includes at least a teeny bit of wood and the pictures are talking for itself so here we go. Enjoy!

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There must be so many talented fabric designers who produce great stuff but it´s hard to find them, isn´t it?

This time I found one more: BANTIE. Again, nice swedish company with a collection consisting of nine patterns in more than 25 colour combinations. All of their fabrics are printed in Sweden and since October you can enjoy their very first wallpaper – Kokeshi print! The fabrics come by the metre but they also offer an enormous collection of cushions, floor cushions, table cloths, table mats, wash bags and trays! Enjoy their stuff.


Lately I was interested by Josef Frank. A swedish guy famous for his fabric patterns however he produced a large amount of furniture as well. So today here is his work that I truly adore as well as his never-ending energy to create!

A bit of bio: Josef Frank (1885 – 1967) was an Austrian/Swedish architect coming from a Jewish family. He moved to Sweden in 1933 where he worked for Svenskt Tenn design company /that´s a company with piles of swedish fabrics and home items/.

BEMZ – amazing fabrics for IKEA furniture

Last week I walked along new street (for me) here in Stockholm – ODENGATAN. And what I found? One funny cheap secondhand shop full of spanish guys, seniors and gipsies, one shop with turkish furniture in such big prices that I wasn´t able to  remember the first digit when I read the last one, then an international library and one shop with fabrics and slip covers for sofas, armchairs and cushions.

And the name of this last shop? BEMZ. It is specialized in making slip covers for the most popular models of IKEA sofas and chairs. Isn´t that clever? They do deliveries all over the Europe and you can simply shop by visiting BEMZ on-line shop. Of course, they will send you the samples of fabrics for free. The only thing you need to do for this is to sign up for free and tick which samples you are interested in. They use fabrics from a few different designers and the offer is almost never-ending. I was just searching some fabrics to begin my collection for fabrics/curtains notebook. So this is my first booty! Good luck with your sample orders!

G.A.P. Swedish furniture

This furniture is a great work from G.A.P. A Swedish company situated on Gotland, an island in the Baltic Sea. They make a wonderful furniture in traditional ways, using such a clean and modern design! A classic dinning table with a little trick by extensible desk hidden inside. A beautiful simply design leaving a lot of space for clutter that comes with years lived in the place, a perfect choice for collectors. For more info and pictures click here.