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Manifesto & Behind the Scenes

[Photo by Edison Illanes.]


my name is Klara Kvicerova and I come from Czech republic. Right now I live in Stockholm and I study on-line course of Interior Design in London at KLC School of Design in Chelsea Harbour.

I love to do research on design and during my studies I do that a lot and it will make me happy if the results may be useful for you as well.

After taking my time to reshape my focus on the theme of this blog I decided for this manifesto:

To write true stories about architects, designers and artistic start-ups that I get my inspiration from. I plan to write articles about useful solutions and about products that simply brighten up my days.

I enjoy putting together information about lifestyle that grows from within us rather than the one that is shaped by the outside. I believe that nature is our precious source of energy, inspiration and relaxation and that is the reason why I want to write about natural products, materials and the way we can live more symbiotically with our natural resources.

I believe that being busy is an antonym to being creative and I will implement my minimalistic approach to writing –  focusing on one and the most important thing at the time.

Share your opinions! What do you want to read about?
How to implement fitness area into your apartment? What is the optimal wattage for reading? What is the optimal height of your kitchen countertops for your own height? What invented Mr. Thomas Campbell, that can be full of bacteria but still helps to make us clean? Whatever it is you are interested to read about, which is related to my manifesto, please, leave me your tips in comments.

If you would like to write a guest article to Labyrinthofdesign or to network in another way,  you are welcome to leave your contact in comments and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible (if you do not wish to have your comment published, just add a note about it so I can act accordingly, respecting your privacy).

This version is in beta. I am going through the old posts, editing, updating and deleting what does not go along the manifesto and soon there will be new posts added.

Wishing you to have a thought-provoking stay here.