Rahel Belatchew Lerdell

Rahel is a founder of Belatchew Arkitekter, architecture studio based in Stockholm, Sweden previously called RB Arkitektur. Belatchew Arkitekter´s are focused on incomporating sustainability into architecture and they have done a great job so far. Winning various architecture competitions and beside that also being included in the 101 most exciting new architects by magazine WALLPAPER.

At the moment, 2014, we in Stockholm hear a lot about their proposal of BUZZ BUILDING. This being a part of their larger project called InsectCity. The problem studio focuses on in this project is finding sustainable alternative to ever-increasing population of the planet and for locals it is enlarging population of Stockholm. By 2018 there is a prediction of number of Stockholm inhabitants being slightly under one million and the area required for meeting the meet-consumption requirements is getting into half million square kilometers. These requirements could be satisfied by creating 9 buildings where insect for consumption could be farmed.

These buildings are called BUZZ BUILDINGs and beside the insect farming area they would include restaurant and insect shop. Round as these buildings are, they fit perfectly to roundabouts – which are very much in popularity in Stockholm for their higher safety and trafic fluency than light crossroads. Here is how a BUZZ BUILDING could look like.


To have a better picture how it looks in the city plan:


To imagine how it would feel to be inside the building:


This is a look to cut-through plan:


Leaving aside probable issue about people´s refusal to insects diet, it looks like a brightly smart idea. Now I leave you to wonder if you could imagine yourself eating insects, and if your curiosity is not fed properly yet, you can have a look at another project of this studio: STRAWSCRAPER – A building covered with straws generating energy out of wind. Here it is:

Vi i Vasastan (local newspaper), no.24 , page 4 (in Swedish)


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