Patricia Urquiola was born in 1961 in Oviedo, Spain. She studied architecture
at the faculdad de arquitectura de Madrid.
after transferring to Italy she graduated from the Milan polytechnic
in 1989 (with a thesis mentored by Achille Castiglioni).
From 1990 to 1992 she assisted in the courses held by Achille
Castiglioni and Eugenio Bettinelli, both at the Milan polytechnic
and at the ENSCI, Paris.
In 1991 she started working for the furniture company de Padova
in Milan, heading the product development office, where she
also designed her first furniture items (together with Vico Magistretti).
Between 1993 and 1996 she opened an associated studio with two
friends, working on architecture, interiors, showrooms and restaurants.
From 1996 to 2000 she became manager of the lissoni associati design
group and in 2001 she opened her own studio in Milan, focusing on
product design, displays and architecture. She became best known
through her many pieces for Moroso. Patricia has won many design
awards and spoke at conferences and seminars in various
international universities. Her recent work includes projects for

Depadova, Moroso, agape, B&B, Alessi, Driade, Foscarini, Kartell, Flos,
Molteni, Artelano, and others.

/All this text above was taken from For full article click here./

I realized that I meet news about her or her work quite often however I didn´t know about her like a person much. She seems to be a bit out of gossips and completely grounded in what she is doing and she is doing great stuff.  She is also very sympathic to me as she finished university at the age of 28 which is kind of my way. As I find her very inspiring here is some of her work:


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