Today I feel like getting to know a whole story about another architectural ikon – Frank Owen Gehry.  Frank was born in Canada in 1929 but he moved to L.A. as a teenager. And I guess it is not necessary to copy and to paste what is already written about him in Wikipedia, but I just want to point out few interesting lines.

Frank O. Gehry is not his original name, his name is Frank Goldberg but his first wife suggested him to change his name into Gehry. What I really like about him is the fact, that he was not that typical well financially supported student who jumped from top-ranked university into the profession by an internship managed by some of his relatives. He actually worked manually. He went through many different jobs before he turned his life into architecture and that´s maybe why his work is so outstanding. Most of his work falls within the style of Deconstructivism (also knows as DeCon Architecture which does not reflect a belief that form follows function and mostly looks like on the edge between standing still and falling). I am glad I was born in Prague, Czech republic, where one of his beautiful buildings is located – Dancing House. That is just so inspiring only to walk around and to watch the building that is not just standing but really looks like it dances around the river on the other bank than where the Prague Castle is. Definitely worth the trip to see this! And please, feed the ducks when you get there!

[Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, photo taken by Carol Highsmith]

I was quite impressed by the article on “Over the years, Gehry has lent his imaginative designs to a number of products outside the field of architecture, including the Wyborovka Vodka bottle, a wristwatch for Fossil, jewelry for Tiffany & Co. and the World Cup of Hockey trophy. In 2006, the architect and his work were the subject of a feature-length documentary film, Sketches of Frank Gehry, by director Sydney Pollack. As of this writing, Gehry is deeply immersed in a number of projects, including the new Barclays Center sports arena in Brooklyn, New York, a concert hall for the New World Symphony in Miami Beach, and a new branch of the Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi. Most ambitious of all is the massive Grand Street project, a plan to entirely remake the thoroughfare leading from Los Angeles City Hall to Disney Hall. When it is completed, a wide swath of downtown Los Angeles will bear the indelible stamp of its adopted son, Frank Gehry, and his restless imagination.”

To read whole article about Frank O. Gehry on click here.

[Guggenheim museum in Bilbao]

[Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum in Seattle Center]

[Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis]

[Dancing House in Prague]


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