What I´m currently reading? There is always a pile of books on my night table – which of course, I skip by giant jump every night to the bed without even a glance on them. But! There is something that I like to read. Sure, I like history, but in limits and of course full of interesting stories and nice pictures. So the book of last few months – as I circle books and the topics as I go through different parts of my course – is Interior Design by Jenny Gibbs.

When I found this book in a spanish book shop in Valencia last year I was surprised that this book is written by the principal of my school – so here we go. Thank you Jenny!

The book is divided into chapters with topics like – pre-design work, history of styles, what skills you need to be a good interior designer, a description of work of an interior designer step by step, etc.

I recommend this book for beginners as it´s simple guide and it will give you an idea what to expect from the career in this field.


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