Lately I was working on a questionnaire for the first meeting with a client to get to know him and to find out what he expects from you as an interior designer. As I was writing it piece by piece I found out that it´s already NOW at the beginning of the course time to do some research about products, furniture, materials, fabrics and so on, in order to be able to ask questions that will give you exact answer for your further work. For example when you are asking about bedroom, it´s not good to ask: What bed do you wish to have in your new bedroom? But instead, give him a complete list of possibilities so he can easily tick what he wants and you don´t need to ask for further details and thus save your time as well as his. So yes, that means much more work for you before you even meet the client to prepare all these „clever“ questions. There are many possibilities and as I´m not from any design or interior design family, we don´t talk about new products in the field when we have a dinner at home. Pity pity, I know!

So I was reading a bit more and I found nice description of the beds here. Only thing that I missed was some picture so I could imagine and compare the shapes and sizes of these beds, so I took a few pens and a paper and drew my own picture that helps me to see these differences. I´m sorry it´s not any fancy drawing as I don´t have much time left today but I hope it helps you to imagine the beds better now!

For better envision of the beds, here are overall dimensions:

Single/Twin – 39“ x 75“ or 100cm x 190cm (width per person = 39“ or 100cm)
Full/ Double – 54“ x 75“ or 140cm x 190cm (width per person = 27“ or 70cm)
Queen – 60“ x 80“ or 150cm x 200cm (width per person = 30“ or 75cm)
Standard/Eastern King – 76“ x 80“ or 195cm x 200cm ( width per person = 38“ or 97cm)
California/Western King – 72“ x 84“ or 180cm x 210cm (width per person = 36“ or 90cm)

If you are also currently working on the questionnaire let me know how you are doing in comments here.


One thought on “BED SIZES

  1. thebestof1986 Post author

    Hi, I have submitted Projects for section 1 and got my mark. I´m very happy with it and I feel with you if you are struggling with what to include and what not in your questionnaire, so if you can use any advice or tip let me know in comments.


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