FENG SHUI by Lillian Too

Lately my mum has been talking a lot about Feng Shui theory and that we CAN´T live without this used in our new apartment. I refused it as for me it´s just fine if I have enough space, privacy, light and warmth. Anyway, you know mums, they don´t mind much what you say and finally you end up in helping them moving the heaviest wardrobe ever. Luckily, that´s not my case this time, as I´m not living with my mum at the moment. She talked about it for quite a long time and quite intensively (that´s the situation when I say yes and slightly smile whatever is said without even noticing the topic), so that I remembered it today when I went through the library to check the book for today´s post for the Book shelf category and I found a really nice book called The complete illustrated guide to FENG SHUI written by Lillian Too. Lillian Too has been interested by Feng Shui since 1970 when she began to learn kung fu. She herself used Feng Shui to enhance her own career and family life, preferring test out alternative methods if something she has tried does not work, and always basing her practice on the fundamentals of the science, as this book says. She has written many, and I mean – MANY books about Feng Shui. This is not her latest book, but if you are curious and interested, her latest book is here published in 2009.

What I like the best about this book is that it´s really practically focused so there are no long texts with many written examples, those are, instead, replaced by simple documentary pictures to explain exact use of each rule. For example the pages with before and after speak very clearly about the use. So yes, I got excited about the book and I grabbed it in passionateness and I´m going to read it now. I will continue this post after the reading it so I will know more. I can´t wait for letting you know!


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