MUJI and GRANIT – Clever storage, living, etc. equipment

As a child my big dream was to be ADULT, thus that being that does whatever and whenever s/he wants to. It was so exciting and I felt that the best thing in my life is this hope that one day it will happen and I will do whatever I want. Somehow it happened and I even didn´t realized how but I do know when. That day I was waving to my family at the airport when I was leaving to Spain for my study year in Valencia, the city I will love till I die. My first flight ever – exciting, indeed! From the little window I could see everything smaller outside and the further it was the more free I felt.

That day my dream from childhood was fulfilled and its place immediately took another dream – I want to travel, I want to travel a lot and far, far away. I desired to see different people down there in that teeny spots I could see now from my place between first fluffy clouds around, to visit different places, different thinking, to have different chats. I felt so young, so unexperienced, all that big thinking from home was away, I wasn´t sure about many things again much like when I was a kid. My situation I would simply call „when the big fish gets out from the little pond“ – I realized how small I´m and that was so challenging and so exciting and I was so afraid of everything but still I was much more curious than afraid.

And therefore – YES, I travelled, as far and often as my time, duties and financial plan allowed me. And I faced few troubles as well, some were big and some were smaller but what I got on my mind very quickly was that different style of life – I call it gipsy style (and I do feel like that time to time) –  needs also different equipment and approach. I´m still upgrading the approach part, but with equipment I met two companies yet, that makes it all much easier to travel and still keep your comfort wherever you go. So, here they are:


I was really beautifully surprised by their products. This company, that dates back to 1980, made a huge progress ever since  and now it sells clever, practical, simply and aesthetically attractive products. All parts of each product have its function as well as the design which is always  made for the function. I especially like MUJI concept that insist in continuously questioning: „What is best from an individual´s point of view?“

Every product looks and is PURE – literally. And for me, a young traveller, I do appreciate their reasonable prices for the high-value products and as a student of interior design I need to add that I consider travelling also as a way of living however one´s home is in his bag at that time so it´s nice to find it in order always when one „enters“. Extra, MUJI is not a spot where to head for your travelling accessories, but also a place where to enjoy simply furnishing, stationery, clothes and home stuffs – mostly so simply and beautiful that you can´t resist the temptation of making a clutter around it in your way! And don´t tell me that socks under your bed are not yours! ;)


I found one of GRANIT stores here in Stockholm few weeks ago and I just had to make a little sneak peek however a had a friend – boy with me and you know that shopping is not on the top-activity list of most of the guys, but actually he liked this shop, too!


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